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CNC Turning Process

CNC Turning Process Brief introduction

Lathe turning parts is to use a lathe parts processed into products, using the rotary motion of the workpiece and linear or curvilinear motion of the tool to change the shape and size of the blank, it is processed into compliance with the requirements of the drawings. Turning on a lathe using a rotation of the tool relative to the workpiece for machining the workpiece the method. Turning can be provided mainly by cutting the workpiece and not the tool. Turning is the most basic, the most common method of machining, plays a very important role in production. Turning suitable for processing a surface of revolution, the majority of the surface of the workpiece with a rotary turning processing methods can be used, such as internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface inside and outside, face, grooves, threads and rotary forming surface, etc. The tool is mainly used for turning. Precision turning is generally IT11-IT7, some can reach IT6, the surface roughness Ra can reach 12.5-08um. Turning from the use of parts we call turning parts, turning parts there are many types to hard turning parts to maintain thermal stability and famous.

Reasonably hard turning system can reduce or even eliminating the grinding and cutting tools associated with the high cost and long processing time. Hard turning process using reasonable surface finish available 0.0028mm, 0.0002mm ± 0.005mm roundness and diameter tolerances, hard turning goal is to chip away with at least 80% of the heat. Such precision pre-hardened workpiece against “soft turning” on the same machine can also be reached in order to maximize equipment utilization. But some plants due to the wrong choice of blade or machine used is unclear whether sufficient rigidity to withstand the pressure of twice the ordinary turning, making hard turning process did not fully play its efficiency should be.


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